Speed reading program helps to increase your reading speed. When you read faster, you are not distracted, but understand more clearly. You can import your own documents to the program. At the same time, by using web browser module, you can select the text and add it to the document list. So by using this feature, you can increase your reading speed while the text which you have been reading. You can resume where you left off or start where do you want. You can test your reading speed with test module. You can increase reading speed with regular exercise. You can read in 5 different speed levels and 14 main exercises. Beside of certain techniques, you are able to benefit from some of the new tecniques we have developed. The bus exercise is based upon to the document vibrating. As a result of the exercises you can improve your perception skills. On the Ship exercise, the words appear randomly positions and randomly angles on the screen. You can improve your attention time by this exercise.
When you realize that you are reading faster, your reading desire will be increased. So you read more books, moreover it takes less time. If you are individual user, you can buy the home license and install it to the all PCs at your home without fear of liciense. So the whole family can increase the speed of reading. If you are a school manager, you can buy the school liciense and install it to all PCs at the school. While time flies, please do not forget to recommend us to your friends when you read fast.


Download Speed Up Reading Demo
Download Speed Up Reading Demo